Best hair brush for tangled hair...finally my daughter isn't screaming

Knot Genie: Best hair brush for tangled hair!
"Mom, this brush is evil!"  Yes, my 4 year old recently said that to me as I tried to navigate my way through her knotty hair with the only brush I could find as we were running out the door.   Me, trying to choke down the laughter over her use of the "evil" as if the brush was the devil or something, was probably only making matters worse.

Anyway, we've been through a lot of hair brushes, but recently a friend recommended trying the knot genie.  I immediately ordered the brush.  It couldn't arrive fast enough...and now that we have it I swear I won't use any other brush (unless of course we're running out the door and I can't find the little bugger.)

The knot genie has to be the best hair brush for tangled hair especially for little girls, like mine, who go running when it's time to brush out the rat's nest.    I don't know what it is about this brush, but it goes over the knots so easily and there's no pulling, running away, tears or split ends.

It comes in two different sizes and a variety of pretty colors.  We have the smaller size, which works just fine for her long hair - and honestly, would be great for an adult, too!

What kid product can you NOT live without? I'd love to hear your favorites!

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