3 Day Potty Training for Boys: Days 3, 4, 5 and beyond

I HATE this potty (it was my daughter's)
So we're 6 days into Potty Training Boot Camp (PTBC) and my almost 22 month old cadet is basically potty trained. Can I tell you how freaking excited I am at the thought of NO MORE DIAPERS!!!  In case you haven't followed this potty training experiment from the beginning, may I suggest you read how Day 1 and Day 2 went with my little guy before continuing...

So as you can see after two successful days, Saturday marked Day 3.  I was looking forward to not being the only one around to make sure he didn't pee all over the house.  But the day quickly turned disastrous.  He peed one or two times in the potty early in the day, but after that it was a fight.  He seemed really resistant and distracted and I'm sure a lot of it had to do with my daughter being home.  What made my frustration even worse was my husband seeming to question if he was really ready.  Sure, he still hadn't pooped on the potty - heck, he barely had pooped at all.  But now it just seemed like he was being stubborn.

I love this potty and so does my son!
That night we went to my in-laws for dinner (about a 20 minute drive) and I put a pull up on him.  (I've ONLY been using diapers and pull ups for nap and bed and been going the nude and/or underwear route.  I used pull ups with my daughter when I potty trained her around the same age and it seemed to drag the process out for months by confusing her.)  Anyway, of course he peed in it as soon as we got in the car.  As soon as we got to their house I took it off and put on underwear, but he was still so distracted he wouldn't use his favorite little potty (the $6.99 Bebe Stages potty seat found at K-Mart...P.S. it has the best pee guard I've found) that I had brought.  My daughter ended up sleeping over mommom and poppop's house and I decided Sunday I would give it another go despite how frustrated I was by the end of Saturday.

Sunday (Day 4) my focus was on getting him back on track.  He had been doing so well with the potty training before regressing, so I knew if I stuck with it he would come around.  My efforts paid off immensly.  First, I focused my son -- I reminded him to tell me if he had to go potty and showed him where the potty was in the house.  I gave him a lot to drink so he'd have to go a lot...a lot of practice is how you get good at something.  He must have peed 5 or 6 times by 9:30 that morning...it didn't hurt that we danced around like lunatics and shoved treats on him every time..but whatever it's temporary.  Not having my daughter there to distract him was a huge help as well...although she loved cheering him on!   By the afternoon he hadn't had any accidents both my husband and son were now on board.

While I had originally hoped I'd be able to get back to my regular routine of hitting the gym and errands while my daughter was at school by Monday I decided to give him a few more days of training in the nude at home.  Again, it paid off.  Finally, on Monday (Day 5) my little cadet did his first poop in the potty.  He had been so resistant and almost scared to do it that it was a big event.   I could tell he had to go #2 because he just kept running to the potty and nothing, but a toot or a tiny bit of pee, would come out.  He was holding himself (in the front) and kind of dancing around.  Finally, I got him to sit long enough (only a minute or two) before he popped up and there was a poop in the potty.  (Every time he had an accident on the floor or in his underwear prior to this I would make sure to put it in the toilet and have him flush it down to reinforce that's where pee pee AND poopy go.)

Today, Tuesday which marks Day 6 and it was a big day for my potty trainee.  He pooped again in the potty after the same little routine, although, I can tell he's not totally comfortable with it.  Still, he's making progress and for only having one pee accident in the last 2.5 days, I'm a very happy mommy! Also today, we had our first successful outing in which he stayed completely dry.  I've been staying close to home - with no errands or anything except the quick trip to pick up and drop off my daughter from school.  But tonight she had swimming lessons and he has to come with us.  It was a good 1.5 hours out for us.  I brought his favorite potty seat with us and he peed in it twice while we were away.  He come home in the same pair of underwear and the same pair of pants.

I count that as a win win!

3 Day Potty Training: How I successfully potty trained my 22 month old son
How did you successfully potty train your kids?  I'd love to hear your stories of PTBC!

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