Gray Master Bedroom Makeover Phase 1: Picking colors, a budget, and getting PINspired

It's happening again...we went to change one thing and it ended up as a big project and a huge room update.  The first time this happened we ended up with a $5,100 new kitchen faucet.   Well, actually, we got a $100 faucet and decided we may as well put in $5000 granite counter tops, too.  Cause ya know, a new faucet requires new counters right? No...but anyway..did I mention we moved 6 months later?

This time there will be no moving - but a new bed has turned into redoing the entire master bedroom. 
Not a fan of the master bedroom paint color
We've been in our house exactly two years and while we've painted most of the other rooms, the master has been left alone.   Ironically, with it's rather drab and flat tan paint and marked up walls it was probably the room most in need of a fresh coat...So a new bed is a great excuse. 

Let me back up here for a minute...We've been sleeping on memory foam mattress for about a year, after the spring mattress I bought before we were married was deemed not comfortable enough by the Mr.  But, I'd say about 300 days of the last year I've woken up with a stiff back thanks to the memory foam

So, this time we're biting the bullet and going with the big guns - a Sleep Number bed.  That was awkward laying on beds in the middle of the mall to figure out I'm a 35..but I digress.  Anyway, after 8 years of wedded bliss apparently the honeymoon's over - my hubs isn't liking the cozy queen anymore and so I can stop cramping his sleeping style, we're upgrading to a king.  So add to the paint, all new bedding, plus a new bed (headboard, etc) and there you have the makings of a master bedroom makeover.


Cute hairstyles for little girls...not your ordinary ponytail

My little girl is always looking to change up her hairstyle.  While we often resort to a ponytail as we're running out the door, some days I'm up for doing something that's well, a little cuter than a ponytail.

Now that we have finally found a brush for tangled hair that cuts through the knots without tears, running, and screaming we are getting a little more adventurous in the hair department.

This morning she asked for two braids with a bow at the bottom of each.  At the same time I was trying to keep my pooping son on the potty so I wasn't left with a trail of poo, we were already running late for school (goodbye, spring break), and her hair wasn't even brushed yet.  I suggested one braid. She requested a side braid and so we compromised.

Control crazy hair w/ these cute hairstyles
The only problem is, she still has a lot of whispies and she has a side part.  That equals hair.in.the.face in a matter of about two minutes. ^^^^Case in point^^^^

Frequent peeing update: Testing for UTI, constipation, overactive bladder, spasms, growth spurt...

So it's been more than a week since I first took my 4 year old daughter into the doctor because of her frequent urination and finally we have some answers...although I'm left with more questions. 

Just to recap quickly (you can read my original post on the frequent peeing problem here) - she was getting up several times at night to pee and on her two worst days peed between 40 and 50 times a day.  Through a urine test, doctors ruled out a UTI (she also has no pain) and diabetes insipidus.  After the second urine test came back, our pediatrician recommended we wait a week and monitor her pooping pattern because she explained frequent peeing can actual be a sign of constipation.

After two and half days (sorry, this mama can't wait a full week...so I rounded up) of writing down everything that came out of her and at exactly what time, I figured two or three normal looking poops a day meant she wasn't constipation.


Potty training folo up: One month after potty training boot camp

It's been about a month since I enlisted my then 21 month old son into potty training boot camp.   As I shared in several pee-by-pee posts, I was shocked he picked it up as fast as he did.  The 3 day potty training boot camp definitely had him pee trained in less than a week.

We had some trouble with poop (perhaps it's his retaliation for me putting him in his sister's panties when I'm behind on laundry?), but I'm happy to report he's come around on that end too. 

Unlike a lot of kids he does NOT wait until I put the pull up on at nap/bed time to poop.  Instead, he just holds it until he can't hold it anymore and then he finally gives in.  Part of our success is that I've come to recognize exactly when he has to poop.  His MO has come to be running to the potty, but without any pee coming out.  He'll pop up off the dry potty only to repeat this about every 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute until finally he can't hold it any longer and he just poops...on the potty.  I've found that once he start he just keeps going....and going...and going.  It's like he's uncorked it.  The incentive of a Popsicle also helps!
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