New Mama's Must Haves May '09

Here's my May '09 edition of New Mama's Must Haves. I'm giving you a few extra this month since I didn't share my favorites with you last month. They're baby products I simply can't live without.

This month we've got a whine stopper, a go-anywhere video camera and a couple of summer baby essentials.

Hyland's Teething Tablets
Can I just take a moment to say
Thank you, Mr. Hyland. He probably doesn't know it, but he's saved my sanity close to 1,247 times over. And I'm sure he's done the same for many other new mama's of teething children. These teething tablets are tiny white homeopathic tabs that simply dissolve in your baby's mouth. They relieve the pain of teething and quiet the non-stop whining that comes with it. As I've mentioned, my 9 month old is still all gums and it seems like she's been teething forever. When I don't want to pump her with Tylenol and when I realized she was allergic to Motrin I found my new best friend in Hyland's. They can be a challenge to find and they're not available in all stores - I looked at Target, WalGreens and Weis Supermarket with no luck. I finally found them at Wal-Mart and I believe they also sell them at CVS and Giant.

The Flip Video Camera

This was my first Mother's Day gift and I LOVE it! It's a digital video camera that I can throw in the diaper bag or tuck in my purse. Because it's so small I have it whenever my daughter does something adorable whether we're at home or at the park. The particular Flip I have holds 60 minutes of video. The best part is you simply flip out a USB connector and plug it right into your computer to download the video. There are no cables or cords. I like to email Flip video clips to my parents and in-laws since they don't get to see my daughter more than every week or so. I've included a short Flip video so you can see the quality of picture and sound. This one is short, but there's no limit to the length of a clip. You can also edit clips together to make a simple movie.

Sun Hat
Every baby needs a sun hat when the weather gets warm. My daughter has a few hats (okay, a lot of hats) but only two that keep the sun off her face. I prefer a hat that has a chin strap so she can't pull it off. I also like this one, from Old Navy, because of the wide brim and bright, colorful print.

Sun Stopper Kwik Cabana
Every beach baby needs a Sun Stopper Pop Up Tent. This was the first weekend we used this thing and let me tell you it was a lifesaver. First of all, it comes in a little pouch with a shoulder strap. It weighs next to nothing. It goes up, literally, with the pull of a string and collapses even easier. I have to admit it wasn't extremely hot this weekend so I don't know if it would get hot inside the cabana, but it has screened windows on at least three sides. I won't go to the beach without it!

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Putting Babies 'R Us Out of Business

....is not likely. But my daughter is giving the nationwide chain a run for their money. Here's why...If I were to ask you to take your wildest guess about the items in this picture what would you say?

A. Items Collected on a Scavenger Hunt
B. Recyclables
C. Baby Toys
D. Items for a Garage Sale

If you guessed "C" you're right. Despite this huge box of baby toys my daughter prefers a crinkly plastic cup, an empty Puffs container (which clearly states "this is not a toy" OH REALLY?), a used up Tylenol dropper bottle perfect for gumming, any dog toy with a preference for the purple rubber football complete with dog treat crumbs still inside, a rinsed out shower gel bottle, three old remotes and, of course, mommy's cell phone!

Not that I bought her a whole lot of toys anyway, thank you Grandmoms, but I've now decided I'm not buying anymore. I'll just open my cabinets, my recycle container, my dog toy bin and she'll be perfectly content. Okay, we all know that's not true. I'll of course by her toys but it's clear I won't need nearly as many as what I thought. I've also figured out a few homemade baby toys I can make at home. They're easy, free and they're her favorites!
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