Holy Crap...literally

My husband thought I was crazy earlier this week when I bought a little pink potty. He may have a point. My daughter is only 17.5 months old. Far too early to be potty-trained....according to nearly everyone, including myself.

Not like it's any secret, but lately, when she stands real still, gets that concentrated look on her little red face, and drops one...she's been telling me "doo-doo, doo-doo." Yeah, obviously.  At other times I'd take a peek in her diaper and she'd either say "yesh" or "no"...always correctly. So I briefly read up on the signs of potty-readiness in What to Expect the Toddler Years and decided it couldn't hurt to at least get her a little potty. I wouldn't push her, but if she wanted to sit there she could. After all, she's always extremely interested in what mommy has deposited into the toilet...sorry, TMI.

The first day I brought the potty home, she was far more interested in the box. She even sat her Elmo on top of the potty box and proclaimed "doo-doo." That was Monday. That night I asked her if she wanted to sit on her potty while I filled the bathtub. I took off her pants and diaper, but left her onesie on.  She seems to always pee when the tub is being filled, so I figured maybe the sound of rushing water would work its magic again. Oh it did...only she'd taken off from the potty and made a b-line for her crib to grab a binkie. When she got back her onesie was soaked and she'd left a little pee trail behind. So much for the potty.

I didn't pay too much attention to the potty Tuesday or today, Wednesday. But tonight while we were eating dinner, Olivia kept saying "doo-doo." I checked her diaper and it was clean. A few minutes later, we were done eating and she went over to the steps and again repeated "doo-doo" as she pointed upstairs. I finally realized what I thought she wanted: to sit on her potty.  So I took her up there and sat her down. Then she did it...the stare, the red face, the concentrated look and now...the clap. She was sooo proud of herself she'd pooped on the toilet. For my part, I almost crapped myself, I was so stunned!!!

While I'm sure it's by no means the beginning of potty training, I'm sure Olivia is starting to understand what the potty is for. I'll keep you updated on our progress and our adventures on (and off) the little pink potty. 


MICHELE said...

That is awesome. I would love to hear your progress. I have a friend who potty trained all her daughters by 18-20 months...so I suppose it is possible. And Olivia seems very interested, I say go for it! It is something I am going to attempt in a causal way myself once Leighton is 18 months.

Maria said...

You can totally potty train an 18-month-old! My daughter potty trained 21 months and I think she would have started earlier if I had tried. My two year old has been completely trained, night and day, since just after he turned two. so much better than waiting!

Melissa said...

But how do I do it without feeling like I'm pushing her before she's ready? Since the went #2 on the potty she has only woken up in the morning or from a nap with a poop, in other words no middle of the day poops. I ask her throughout the day if she has to go potty and she always says no. I do sit her on there at least once a day.
Do you have any books you recommend for potty training?

Ridgefield Info Moma said...

Those "What to Expect" books tend to make my head spin. If you think your kiddo is ready then it's certainly worth a shot. And what a throne your little girl has :D
A princess for sure! Good luck!

Ridgefield Info Moma said...

Those "What to Expect" books tend to make my head spin. Hey, if you think she's ready then it's certainly worth a try. And what a throne for the princess. Almost too pretty to you know what in :D
Good luck!

Ridgefield Info Moma said...

Nice throne! Who cares what the books say. You know your child best and if you think she's ready, it's certainly worth a try. My boy has been sitting on the potty since b/f he turned 2. Mostly just getting used to sitting on it but b/f I knew it, there was poop and pee in the potty! No pressure from this mom. I'm in no hurry for my baby to grow up :) Best of luck with your princess!!

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