This can't be my child!

Of course, she's my child...by the number of strangers who comment on my mini-me I'm pretty sure I took home the right kid. But I have to admit, from her eating habits lately, I've been starting to doubt she can really be either of ours!

Both my husband and I come from large Italian families. If you know anything about Italians it's that we like to eat (and we have a little more hair than others). My daughter did get that trait (from my husband) she was even born with a small little patch of hair above her cute little butt crack. It's about as cute as a patch of hair in that lovely spot can be....I should report most of it has fallen out over the past 13 months. THANK GOD.

Anyway, back on track...her eating habits. They've been off lately and I'm not sure what's up. It used to be that she would eat anything I put in front of her...green, orange, brown whatever! But within the last few weeks her appetite has slowly waned. Today we went to a family birthday party and between 1-3:30 she had some pizza, a cup cake (please don't judge me...she had a banana and yogurt for breakfast, if that counts for anything), cheerios and part of a roll. When we got home I offered her some dinner around 5:30. She refused. I let her play for awhile thinking maybe she needed to work up an appetite. I offered dinner a few more times and she refused every time. She went to bed without eating much more than a few noodles, a couple of pieces of an orange and a sippy cup of milk. Worried sick over her lack of a dinner my husband was trying to help by doing a google search. What he found did give me a little reassurance. From what he found young toddlers between 12-16 months often times start getting very picky at mealtime. Several articles suggested looking not at what a child eats in a day, but more at what they consume over the course of the week. Some meals will be more than normal, others may be non existent. This is the point in time when kids are so interested in exploring their world they don't want to stop to eat. So, we shall see if she makes it through the night and what kind of breakfast she eats.

Have you had any trouble getting your baby to eat? Have they suddenly become picky? What did you do? Did it seem to be a phase that they outgrew and when???? Please help me and all the other moms who are facing this stomach turning trouble by leaving a comment!
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