Baby Furniture Essentials for a Small Nursery

I've blogged before about my lapse in judgement when I picked the smaller of the two available bedrooms to turn into a nursery. My organizing skills were put to the test, especially when it came to the closet. But recently, I've been getting some questions about how to fit all that baby furniture into a nursery that's lacking square footage.

The trick is to utilize the space with essential baby furniture and then get the extras if you have room. So what are the essentials? Well, obviously the crib and a changing table. Depending on how much room you have, will determine what type of changing table you can get. If you can spare the room, I would highly recommend a dresser/changing table. It will give you a lot more storage for baby clothes than a changing table that has one or two shelves.

I would also call a glider, or rocking chair, a baby nursery essential. I think I've sat in my glider more than my living room chair, since my daughter was born.

Everything else, you can get by without. You don't have to have an armoire, an end table or a dresser. Granted, these things will also give you extra storage space, but if you properly utilize every inch of closet space in your baby's nursery you'll be able to get by.

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