Playroom ideas: Decorating with kids art is a budget saver

It's been two years since we moved into our house and finally we have something on the walls in the playroom.  I've been searching for playroom decorating ideas for a few months.    I knew I wanted to use the kids' art work to decorate, but I wanted to decorate the playroom on a budget.  The tough part is we have four huge walls, so to cover them with anything -- art or otherwise -- wasn't going to be easy or cheap.   

A few days ago I was at one of the craft stores when I came across these black MCS frames...they were priced $1 for the smallest size (8x11), $2 for the next size up (11 x 14) , and $5 for the biggest (11 x 17). I thought $17 for seven frames was a steal, so I picked them up.

My oldest is only in Pre-K 4 but still we have a lot of art work saved (I've tried skimming off the top...but I'm always caught!).  I picked a few of my favorites to hang and made sure to include at least one from my son.  He's only 21 months so he doesn't have too much art under his belt.  I bet you can guess which he did.

I found an art-themed playroom vinyl on Etsy for $12 and thought it would pull all the pictures together.  There are also lots of options on Amazon including this adorable vinyl Playroom Rules saying which I'm seriously considering!

UPDATE: For one of the other walls, I purchased these unfinished letters ($1.99 each) and spray painted them navy blue -- sorry the picture looks a little dark.  It's a basement and the lighting isn't all that great, especially on a rainy day like today. I had some left over vinyls from a decal I put in my son's room so I figured I'd add a couple birds to make it a little more whimsical. 

What playroom decorating ideas have you used in your home?

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