DIY Disney themed photo books

Minnie Mouse for a DIY Disney themed photo book
Disney themed photo books are not the easiest thing to make because, from what I've found, there's only one online scrapbooking service that offers Disney packages.  I looked around for awhile after our recent trip and found that Snapfish offers Disney themes for an added prices -- albeit not too much.  The only problem, and what stopped me from using that service, is you can only pick one theme for the entire book and you can't mix and match with other Disney-related photo themes.  If you want your entire Disney photo book with a Mickey theme or want your entire family vacation on a Princesses backdrop you're in luck.  I was not a fan of being limited by just one theme so I set out to make my own Disney themed book.


Kohl's Coupons & Codes for Easter deals...and my kids picks!

Bonnie Jean Pleated polka dot dress
18022_Primary I'm a sucker for Kohl's...I mean seriously is there anything better than a Kohl's coupon paired with a Kohl's cash period (now thru March 30) on top of the retailer's already great deals?
Bonnie Jean Polka Dot Coat

I was in my local store the other day and spotted some really adorable Easter outfits and for the price, they can.not.be.beat so I thought I'd share...

Great Guy Searsucker Suit Set
I absolutely LOVE this adorable navy polka-dot coat and dress for my daughter! They're both Bonnie Jean and both more than half off before any discounts! 

For my son...OMG a sear sucker suit with suspenders!!! (But I think my husband would kill me...over fear my poor baby would get made fun of for the rest of his life...)
Current Kohl's coupons:

Easter party favors or cheep treats for classmates

I'm in the middle of planning an Easter egg hunt party and wanted to give the kids a little favor to take home with them. I came up with this idea of "cotton tails and bunny trails."

My kids love marshmallows and chocolate and anything 'potty' related always gets a giggle (Why is that...???) hence the "trails" aka chocolate chips. 

I put about half a cup of the mix in plastic treat bags (I cut the 9" bags down a little so  I didn''t have to fold over too much of the top of the bag) and stapled them closed with a festive printout I quickly made on the computer.

They could also be given out to classmates as an Easter or spring treat at a class party.

Easy and cheap cheep!

More Easter Ideas


Beach Handprint Art ideas...these won't leave you crabby

About this time last year I started thinking about some unique Mother's Day gifts for my mom and my MIL.  We spend a lot of time at the beach and so I thought a nice gift might be some beach-themed artwork for my in law's beach house.

I always love handprint art because it seems to just capture the moment -- my kid's hand was just that size on this day! I was trying to incorporate my not-yet-1-year-old son into the beach themed hand print art, but...well, it didn't work out so well.  My three year old daughter was more than happy, however, to get her hands and feet all painted up. 


You know your little boy has a big sister if...

If there was ever a little boy who was "all boy" -- it's my son.  He runs...constantly.  He dumps...everything.  He talks...non stop.  He's loud, he's dirty, he's...well, as he put it, "a mess."   But he's also the little brother to a big sister.

From pretty early on I noticed that he'd gravitate toward the "boy" toys...you know, the trucks, balls, and tools.  Of course, we had many more girl toys because of my 4 year old daughter, but he'd also never give it a second thought to play with a baby (or should I say smack a ball at a baby's head) or brush a barbie's hair (ok...more like tug it) or put on a to to.   I always thought this was interesting and definitely way more "nature" than nurture since we didn't try to push him one way or the other.


One Thing Two Thing Birthday Party Ideas...perfect for a joint kids party

When my daughter turned two (she's now 4.5...let's not talk about the yearly photo albums as I'm clearly way behind) we had a joint birthday party with her best friend.  Their birthdays are a week apart and it was a big celebration as her little friend and his family were just about to move out of town (tear).

As the moms of these two things we decided on a One Thing Two Thing birthday party and the theme was super fun!  There are so many ideas for a One Thing Two Thing themed party. 

Instead of a cake, we made cupcakes ice cream cones and built a Cat in the Hat cupcake stand out of cardboard and paper.  We made the kids matching One Thing Two Thing shirts out of simple red tanks I picked up for a few bucks at Walmart. I cut out white felt circles, wrote "Olivia is 2" and "Conor is 2" on them, and pinned them on the shirts (that way they could still wear them after the party).


Lego birthday party ideas (Lots of photos and cuteness!)

Lego birthday invitations
When my son turned one I decided it would be a Lego themed birthday party.   My husband questioned  "Why Legos?" and quite honestly the only reason was because I came across some super cute ideas.  Plus, his first birthday is likely the only one I'll ever have a say in picking the theme.

I enjoy party planning and find that when I have a theme I'm most inspired.  That being said I had legos running through my dreams for weeks.

Of course, the theme started with the invitations.  I found two different lego fonts online and used them on his first birthday invitations to create a "1."  On the opposite side of the card I glued six large circles to make it look like a lego piece.

I used one of the same fonts to print out Lego letters and lego men to make a "Happy Birthday" banner.  I think it came out pretty cute...although it did take some time.  
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