Time & Money Saving Tips for Moms

Just wanted to share a few time and money saving tips I've realized. Let's face it few of us have extra money or time to be wasting...so anything shortcuts we can take are well worth it!

Until this month I always bought Huggies or Pampers. It wasn't until I ran into Target, right after buying a box of $40 Huggies at Babies 'R Us, that I realized not all diapers are that expensive. So I bought a box of Target brand diapers (for $14) and took the Huggies back.

That being said: I have to admit, not all diapers are created equal. The Target brand do the job...for sure. But the other morning my daughter woke up with a soaking wet diaper and a damp onesie. Clearly they're not as thick or quite as absorbent (putting her at risk for diaper rash) as the more expensive brand. So here's what I've figured out....during the day, when I change my daughter more frequently, I'm going to have her wear the less expensive Target brand diapers. But at night, or whenever she'll go long periods without a change, I'm going to put a Huggies or Pampers diaper on her. I'll still save money on diapers and she won't be uncomfortable at night because she has wet pjs.

Here's the second shortcut I've figured out. This one has to do with making and freezing homemade baby food. Since I tend to make a lot at once, it can be challenging to neatly get all of the pureed food from the food processor into the ice cube tray. But a meat baster has become my best ally! Here's what I do...tilt the food processor container so all the food pools to one side. I then use the meat baster to collect as much pureed baby food as possible. Then simply squeeze the food from the baster into the ice cube tray. It's so neat and fast and the cubes don't stick together from frozen overflow that would normally collect between the cubes.

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