Transitioning to One Nap (is tiring for mommy)

I've been sailing by since early spring enjoying two consistent and predictable 90 minute naps a day. I use nap time to write, to blog, to just have mommy-time. But about two weeks ago I put Olivia for her afternoon nap and she just wouldn't fall asleep. I blamed it on a fluke until the next day and the next day it happened again. You can see...she'll do anything to avoid her second nap, even brush her six seven teeth with two big-girl toothbrushes. 

 The weird thing was she was getting up from her first nap around 11 or 11:30am and not going back to sleep until 7pm.  I would, however, always put her in the crib, but she refused to fall asleep.  One day I was determined she would sleep. After two poops, a snack and two hours, she finally fell asleep.

After talking to a few friends I admitted I was in denial about what I knew all along....Olivia was trying to tell me she was ready to transition to one nap. But mommy wasn't ready...not at 14 months! According to all the books I had until at least 15 months and maybe, if I was lucky, which apparently I'm not, until 18 months.
So I reluctantly stopped fighting it and decided instead of putting her down at 9:30 am I'd keep her up as long as possible, trying to merge the two naps. My predicament, however, was when to feed her lunch. I decided I'd have to move it up temporarily until she got the hang of one nap...then I could push lunch and her nap back until around 12:30 or 1pm.  I also knew I had to keep her active...which meant being out of the house. The first day she stayed up until 11:30am but only slept an hour...thank you Verizon for making as much noise as possible outside her window. The next day she was up until 12:30pm and slept until 2:15pm and the same with day three.
Here's what I've noticed : she's getting tired earlier at night and sleeping longer at night. (Last night from 6:45pm to 7:45 am.) From everything I've read this is normal until her body gets into the swing of things. She also still does her normal tired signs around her former morning nap time. She's not cranky though, she just rubs her eyes and maybe yawns, but then it passes and she keeps on playing as normal.  While today was a tough day, she was cranky early...like 4:30 pm early...I debated putting her back down, but fought the urge. I don't want to flip flop going from one nap to two depending on the day. If after a week of one nap it seems like she's not ready for one afternoon siesta, I will move her back to the two nap schedule. But I have a feeling it's going to all work out.
What's your experience been dropping a nap - be it from 3 to 2 or 2 to 1? Leave a comment below and share your tips, insight and advice! 


Olivia's first make-over

Much to the dismay of both my daughter's grandmothers, I took her to get her hair trimmed last week. You can hardly notice a difference except that the strand that was 3 inches longer than the rest (see it there in the picture below??) has now been clipped and the neck line is now semi-straight. Her "bangs" are no longer covering her eye brows.
I thought taking her to get her hair cut was going to be a nightmare.  Moms of little boys I know say they dread it. But Olivia was a perfect little angel, in facts she was the star of the salon for the hour we were there. She just sat on my lap, soaked up all the attention, and got her hair trimmed like a little princess. When we went to leave all the girls said "Bye Olivia." Giving up her usually "Bye-Bye" in her best and sweetest little voice she responded, "Byyyyye!"

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