Baby Names

If you're like me, you had your baby's name picked out long before you even thought about pregnancy. But ,for some it's a decision that's a lot more difficult...even leaving some mothers to decide in the delivery room. Now that I think about it -that could have been me!

That is - had the sonographer who checked out my baby's "parts" not known if she was looking at a "hamburger" or a "hotdog." But apparently it was pretty clear..I had a hamburger..and one who wasn't shy about it! Thus the little girl name, Olivia, that I had wanted for so long was almost set in stone. Okay, so I just had to clear it with my other half.

What turned out to be a lot more difficult was coming up with a boy's name. You know...just in case. My husband is a third and we both agreed there didn't need to be a forth. That was a bit much (although,he's now informed me if the next one is a boy, we may have to consider it). We went round and round on boy's names looking at websites, baby name books, asking other people's advice (not always a good idea). I had a few I liked..and my husband had a few he liked. Neither of us liked the others'.

So we went to the hospital ready to be induced with only a girl's name. I have to admit, although complications forced me to have two ultrasounds a week for the last six weeks of my pregnancy (and EVERY time they said it was a girl), there was still a tiny part of me that was nervous a boy might pop out. Then what would we do? Thankfully, I didn't have to worry about it...I got my Olivia.

So I want to know did you have trouble picking out baby names for your little one? Did you find it harder to pick out little boy names or little girls names? For those of us who still need a little inspiration and help coming up with one or both here's a great article on baby names.


Sweet Conversations

The other morning I woke up to the sound of my daughter babbling away in her crib. I don't keep the monitor on at night (that's another posting, I'll get to soon) so I couldn't hear all that well. That's when I thought "I want to hear that sweet little voice" so I turned on the monitor just to eaves drop.

The things I hear through the baby monitor have often made me smile. Before my daughter was really being vocal I would intentionally send my husband in to get my daughter from her crib, just so I could hear their adorable conversations. He could always make her giggle. Usually when he was making some goofy sound or asking her if she went "poooooopppppy." I love hearing the little stories he would tell her about his day or why loved her pretty blue eyes. I wish I could replay some of the little songs my husband would make up to entertain my 4 month old. Songs that 4 months ago he probably would have never thought he'd say in his life. It's amazing what a beautiful baby will do to even the strongest of men.
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