Potty Training Boot Camp update: One Week Later

It's been one full week since I started potty training boot camp to get my almost 22 month old son out of diapers.  I am thrilled to say it's been a complete success and beyond my every expectation.

A week ago when I stripped off that diaper and said "commando it is" I never dreamed he'd be crying when I put the diaper on for nap...nor did I think he'd be waking up from naps dry and calling for "potty" instead of "mommy." But yes, that's exactly what's happening.

After five days of basically not leaving the house, in the last two days I've been able to leave my underwear-wearing son in the child care at my gym, run an hour's worth of errands, and skip Pull Ups altogether...all while he stays dry!

Some of the highlights of the last week have been:
  • His first #2 on the potty
  • 2.5 straight days without an accident
  • Peeing in a potty other than one at our home
  • Him telling me, while driving, that he has to pee and holding it long enough that I can pull over to let him pee in the potty seat I keep with me
  • Crying from wearing a wet overnight diaper 
  • Yelling "no diaper" as I put it on before nap time
  • Waking up from nap 3 out of 7 days
  • Being able to pee "on command" ... as in "We are going out now and we need to go potty first..."
  • My son getting off the bed while watching TV, as I showered, to come get me to tell me he had to pee and then peeing in the potty. 
The keys of our potty training success, I believe, have been skipping over Pull Ups (which seemed to extend my daughter's PTBC for months), going naked from the start, consistent rewards, not getting upset at accidents, and good timing -- he was just ready, willing, and able to communicate and understand the concepts necessary to successfully potty train.

Our 3 Day Potty Training Boot Camp experience:

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