One Thing Two Thing Birthday Party Ideas...perfect for a joint kids party

When my daughter turned two (she's now 4.5...let's not talk about the yearly photo albums as I'm clearly way behind) we had a joint birthday party with her best friend.  Their birthdays are a week apart and it was a big celebration as her little friend and his family were just about to move out of town (tear).

As the moms of these two things we decided on a One Thing Two Thing birthday party and the theme was super fun!  There are so many ideas for a One Thing Two Thing themed party. 

Instead of a cake, we made cupcakes ice cream cones and built a Cat in the Hat cupcake stand out of cardboard and paper.  We made the kids matching One Thing Two Thing shirts out of simple red tanks I picked up for a few bucks at Walmart. I cut out white felt circles, wrote "Olivia is 2" and "Conor is 2" on them, and pinned them on the shirts (that way they could still wear them after the party).

We must have taken every Dr. Seuss book out of the local library to use as decorations.  We also put gold fish in cups as snacks as a nod to One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish.

I curled blue gift wrapping ribbon and hot glued it to barrettes and pinned them all over my daughter's hair -- which I had put in tiny buns all over her head.  I mean how freaking cute is this?!

We had a craft area set up so the kids could make Cat in the Hat paper hats -- gotta keep it simple for a bunch of two year olds!  We set up a fishing type game in a kiddie pool and had a few other themed activities including pin the hat on the cat.

We found a couple of party bag favors including markers and stickers at Target, but Oriental Trading Company has a huge selection of Dr. Seuss and One Thing Two Thing party supplies.   We put them all in these goodie bags we made out of blue felt to look like umbrellas in honor of the Cat's favorite rainy day accessory. 

I guess my daughter liked the One Thing Two Thing Birthday Party theme? This still makes me laugh.  

What birthday party themes have you done for your kids? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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