Lego birthday party ideas (Lots of photos and cuteness!)

Lego birthday invitations
When my son turned one I decided it would be a Lego themed birthday party.   My husband questioned  "Why Legos?" and quite honestly the only reason was because I came across some super cute ideas.  Plus, his first birthday is likely the only one I'll ever have a say in picking the theme.

I enjoy party planning and find that when I have a theme I'm most inspired.  That being said I had legos running through my dreams for weeks.

Of course, the theme started with the invitations.  I found two different lego fonts online and used them on his first birthday invitations to create a "1."  On the opposite side of the card I glued six large circles to make it look like a lego piece.

I used one of the same fonts to print out Lego letters and lego men to make a "Happy Birthday" banner.  I think it came out pretty cute...although it did take some time.  

On the table, I made a rectangular utensil holder out of legos.  The paper products I just did basic colors like red, yellow, and blue so I could keep the cost down, but still tie in the theme. If you are looking for Lego themed birthday supplies like plates, napkins, table clothes, favors, or pretty much anything else for a lego party, Oriental Trading Company has tons of options.

I baked sugar cookies to go along with the adorable Lego cake.  It was actually harder to find a single rectangle cookie cutter than you might think.  I ended up using the lid of a baby food container to get the size and shape that I wanted.  I bought pre-colored icing in red, blue, yellow, and green because I wanted really bold color.  As soon as I iced them I put six M&Ms on each.  Aren't they cute?! They were as tasty as they were adorable.

For the Lego cake I actually found the recipe and design on the Betty Crocker website.  It's actually easier than it looks...or at least I suspect it would be for most.  You just bake a 9x13 box cake and then cut it in thirds.  One of the thirds you cut in half to make two small squares.   I will say, icing it was kind of a challenge...but maybe that's because I'm not very skilled with an icing knife.  The lego bumps are actually large marshmallows cut in half. (Freeze them first so they're easier to cut and ice.) 

Lego goodie bags
I also put together some cute little goodie bags for the kids to take home. I've seen actual lego goodie bags like these on the left, but I simply ran out of time to order them so I did it my way.  To keep the theme going, I hot glued mini legos onto mini clothes pins and used them to keep the bags closed.

I found an Etzy store that sold shirts with the lego theme print and ordered one with my son's name on the front and the number 1 on the back. 

Everyone loved the theme and I was thrilled with the way it all came together!

What birthday party themes have you gotten really into?  I'd love to hear about your party planning!

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