Kohl's Coupons & Codes for Easter deals...and my kids picks!

Bonnie Jean Pleated polka dot dress
18022_Primary I'm a sucker for Kohl's...I mean seriously is there anything better than a Kohl's coupon paired with a Kohl's cash period (now thru March 30) on top of the retailer's already great deals?
Bonnie Jean Polka Dot Coat

I was in my local store the other day and spotted some really adorable Easter outfits and for the price, they can.not.be.beat so I thought I'd share...

Great Guy Searsucker Suit Set
I absolutely LOVE this adorable navy polka-dot coat and dress for my daughter! They're both Bonnie Jean and both more than half off before any discounts! 

For my son...OMG a sear sucker suit with suspenders!!! (But I think my husband would kill me...over fear my poor baby would get made fun of for the rest of his life...)
Current Kohl's coupons:

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Joanna said...

Haha, my guys have sear sucker 3-button vests with matching sear sucker bowties, but I didn't go for the full suit. While I think they are adorbs, I thought they might look too much like the ice cream man, so I am pairing the vests with khakis. Love me some kohl's too!

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