Easter desserts: Two kid-friendly treats (to make and eat) from just one recipe

Easter desserts: Robins Nests Rice Crispy Treats
I'm in the middle of planning in Easter Egg Hunt/potluck dinner for the day before Easter so of course you know I hit up Pinterest.   I found a bunch of ideas including some adorable Easter desserts, but I always like to give party ideas a test run.  Tonight we're going to my in-laws to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday so I figured I'd let them be the guinea pigs (they don't know this yet!).

I hope they like rice crispy treats...because for the party I decided I'd try to make stuff that's fast, easy and appealing to both kids and adults.  That's not an easy thing to do.  Since my husband is a huge fans of RCT I figured I'd put an Easter spin on them.  Earlier in the week I went to Walmart and bought a bunch of supplies for the party so I already had the marshmallows and rice crispies on hand.

I always like to cook with the kids when I can and they are always threw the roof when I ask them.  Blake, who's on day 3 of Potty Training Boot Camp, climbed his naked little bum up on a chair and my 4 year old daughter put on her apron.  I had them pouring in the marshmallows, stirring them up and then pouring in the rice crispies.  The recipe says to put the sticky mess into a cake pan, but I wanted them a little thinner because I planned to use Easter cookie cutters to cut them out.  So I put my RCT on a medium size cookie tray.  They cooled in the fridge for about 30 minutes while we played down stairs and took a potty break...of course!

When it was time to cut them.  The kids took turns using an Easter egg shaped cookie cutters and two bunnies (my daughter came to call them bunny head and running bunny).

Here's the coolest part -- I had wanted to make these cute little Robin Egg Nests that I found on Pinterest too, but I just wasn't that into the recipe...it seemed like too many steps and honestly too many sweets in one cookie (is that even possible?!).   So I decided to use the parts of the RCT that was between the cookie cutter cut outs (you know, the part that would normally go to waste) to make nest.

Once the egg, bunny heads and running bunnies were all cute out I loosely gathered the scraps.  I rolled them into loose RCT balls and pressed them into a cupcake pan.  Then I pressed the center down to form a "nest." I put these back in the fridge to set.

In the meantime my daughter decorated the Easter rice crispie treats with wayyyyy too much icing and sprinkles. (Hope PopPop still has a sweet tooth!)  And my son...well he was busy eating any little scrap he could find on the counter and the floor looked suspiciously clean so I'd have to guess he helped me out there too.  Second kid..whatever...

By the time that was done our nests were ready. I used a butter knife to easily pop them out of the muffin tin.  I had some cookie icing left over so I just squeezed a little in the center and added the "robin eggs."  You can actually buy candy called Robins Eggs they are like malt balls but the outter shell on them is crackled and speckled.  I had a few peanut butter covered candies in Easter colors in a dish so I just used them.

Very kid friendly to make and of course mom-approved! Yes, I tasted tested before the official taste test!

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