New Mama's Must Haves: January '09

Yet another edition of New Mama's Favorite Baby Essentials. These are all things I cannot live without. They'd all make great baby shower gifts. 

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BABYBJĂ–RN Baby Carrier Air - Gray/ White

The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier or the "Front Baby Backpack," as my husband calls it, is a must have. I don't know how I would get anything done around the house without the BabyBjorn. The Bjorn can be worn with the baby facing either in or out depending on the age of the child. My daughter personally never really liked facing in. She's a busy body and always wanted to see what was going on.  We started using the Bjorn carrier when my daughter was about 8 pounds...she's nearly doubled that now, and we're still getting a lot of use out of it. The straps can easily be adjusted to fit all body sizes. My pick is for the mesh "Baby Bjorn Air" carrier. It's made of mesh and keeps the carrier and the baby cool. 
This is especially important if you plan on using it during the summer months. 

This play mat by Tiny Love has given me more "mommy time" than
any other of my daughter's toys. The mat has two flexible bars that snap into place on each corner and snap together at the center.   They're great for hanging toys which encourages reaching and kicking in babies of all ages. I was given this mat as hand-me-down and it didn't come with all the little stuffed animals that it would if you bought it new. The mat itself is great even without the bars. It has squeaky toys hidden in some of the animals, a ton of different sensory activities, and is great for just keeping baby off the floor. 

This swing is awesome and one of my most used items. I keep this Boppy Rock in Comfort Travel Baby Swing in my bedroom so that when I'm getting ready I can have something safe, fun and convenient to put my daughter in. It would be such a pain to drag her big Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing upstairs all the time. The Travel Swing is great because it folds up and can easily fit in a corner.  Even though it's small and low to the ground my 17 pound daughter still fits in it (and yes, it still rocks)! I got this swing as a shower gift and highly recommend it to all new moms. 

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