Putting Babies 'R Us Out of Business

....is not likely. But my daughter is giving the nationwide chain a run for their money. Here's why...If I were to ask you to take your wildest guess about the items in this picture what would you say?

A. Items Collected on a Scavenger Hunt
B. Recyclables
C. Baby Toys
D. Items for a Garage Sale

If you guessed "C" you're right. Despite this huge box of baby toys my daughter prefers a crinkly plastic cup, an empty Puffs container (which clearly states "this is not a toy" OH REALLY?), a used up Tylenol dropper bottle perfect for gumming, any dog toy with a preference for the purple rubber football complete with dog treat crumbs still inside, a rinsed out shower gel bottle, three old remotes and, of course, mommy's cell phone!

Not that I bought her a whole lot of toys anyway, thank you Grandmoms, but I've now decided I'm not buying anymore. I'll just open my cabinets, my recycle container, my dog toy bin and she'll be perfectly content. Okay, we all know that's not true. I'll of course by her toys but it's clear I won't need nearly as many as what I thought. I've also figured out a few homemade baby toys I can make at home. They're easy, free and they're her favorites!

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