New Mama's Must-Haves

Here's my March edition of New Mama's Must Haves. They're baby products I simply can't live without. It's a simple pleasure for my daughter, a cool toy that spans the ages, and play or sleep anywhere genius invention.

Don't forget you can click on any of the pictures or links to order the products directly from Amazon. And remember, I only promote products that I use for my daughter.

This is what the Fish Clacker book is supposed to look like. When my daughter's was brand new it did (you can see it in more favorable times in the above picture)! But 7.5 months later her little hands, drooling mouth and flailing arms have reduced it to this. Needless to say I'm look for a new one. She only has the fish clacker book, but they come in a whole collection including a bee, rabbit, and duck. The books are great because they're easy to hold in little hands, make a clacking noise when waved around (which my daughter loves to do) and they're colorful. Plus they tell cute stories.

The Fisher Price Fun with Friends Musical table is one of my daughter's favorite toys. Right now she plays with it sitting on the floor since the legs are easily removable. They can be put back on for cruisers and walkers. The table has five settings (learning, abcs, spanish, music and playtime). I think the music is best for her right now since she's so young. But as she gets older I'm sure the learning and abc modes will help reinforce her speaking skills. (Unfortunately, Amazon does not carry this product, but you can find it at Toys R Us or Target)

And finally....I couldn't live without my Graco Pack n Play! When my daughter was a newborn we set it up in our living room to use as a changing table and easy place for her to nap. Now, I keep it in my bedroom so she can safely play while I get a shower and get ready. I also use it when I travel so she has somewhere comfortable to sleep. It's so simple to fold up, stuff in the bag and go...I say it's a definite must have!

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