Beach Baby

Like a lot of families, we're spending the beautiful Memorial Day weekend at the beach. It's a place I grew up coming as a little girl. My mom would bring my me and my sister and we'd spend a week with my aunt, cousins and grandmom playing in the sand and eating ice cream. Two decades later my in-laws bought a house in the very same town, just across the road from the beach house I grew up visiting. Now it's me and my husband who are bringing our little girl to experience one of life's most wonderful joys...summer at the beach surrounded by family.

My daughter was born in mid-August and we did actually make the trek last Labor Day. Brave, I know! So this is technically not her first visit. But at nine months, she's taking everything in. (Apparently, she was so excited for the beach she got up at 4:30 this morning) I love watching her explore the sand. "Why doesn't it come off my hand?" "Why is it in my mouth?" I like that the water seems intriguing, but it's just too cold for such little piggy toes. I love the way she has to tilt her whole head back to see around the brim of her new hat. I love the rolls that get even more rolly-polly with a bathing suit around her upper thigh. I love that she actually sat still...in a tent and kayak! At least, long enough for the photo op.

I'm sure this will be the first of many summers at the beach and I'm just so happy I can share one of the joys of my childhood with her!

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