Clacker Board Books Update

A few months back I shared my love, and my daughter's love, for the Clacker board books. I even featured them as a New Mama Must Have, saying she played with the book so much she ripped it to shreds. In all fairness, I need to update you on the fate of our Clacker collection since I now realize it may not have been her playing, but the poor construction of the book that left it looking like this.

What was once one fish clacker became two. Well, two halves. My mother-in-law (MIL), knowing how much my daughter liked the fish, searched high and low and was finally able to get her hands on the Bee Clacker book. Within a few days Mr. Bee had gone from buzzed to busted. He, too, was split in two. Then last weekend my daughter received a second fish Clacker book. I'm not kidding when I tell you that within a half an hour the book was ripped in half. Now, I don't have some kind of superbaby. I don't feed her spinach all day long or give her steroids. This is an 18 pound 9 month old we're talking about, who in the matter of 30 minutes has destroyed three of the same books. Perhaps something is wrong with the construction of the books????

My MIL did tell me, she found out the books were difficult to find because many stores were no longer carrying them. The ones that were, never had any in stock because kids would play with them in the store, rip them in half (surprise, surprise) and that was the end of that. She even heard the entire Clacker series is being discontinued. If that's true, it's a real shame. The books are a great idea and one of my daughter's favorite toys! They have bright colors, they make a loud clacking noise and just scream to be shaken, they're easy to hold, and have beautiful pictures. But, there's no sense spending money on books or toys that will only be destroyed in a day. I wish the publisher, or whoever, could find a better way to construct them so they could stand up to the excitement of all those little hands.

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