Baby Easter Basket

So it's your baby's first Easter and you're wondering what you can fill her Easter basket with....or even if you should give her an Easter basket at all. Just because she's still all gums doesn't mean you can't keep the Easter tradition. Here are a few ideas for filling a baby's Easter basket.

Bunny Clackers Book - This adorable book is perfect for young babies. The ears are easy to grab and the pages are easy to clack together. The book retails for less than $5 and can be found on Amazon or your local book store.  My daughter has the fish clacker book....well had...she loved it so much it looks more like fish soup now!

Bubbles - Babies love bubbles. They're also a great way to encourage eye tracking and reaching. You can use them inside or take the outside now that the weather is getting warmer.

Toys - A new doll, a soft stuffed bunny rabbit or lamb (to stick with the Easter theme) or his very own whatever (truck, book, blocks) that he always seems to play with when visiting his baby friends.

Baby Einstein - Get your baby one of these adorable 30 minute puppet shows. Sure he's not learning as much as he would if you were interacting with him for those 30 minutes, but sometimes you need a break (think: dinner or a shower)! These are perfect for both of you!

Clothes/Accessories - How about a cute little spring outfit, a new hat or a cute pair of sunglasses for all those walks you're going to take now that the weather's getting warmer or a bathing suit going into summer? 

And even though your baby can't have chocolate, he can enjoy a little something sweet. Put one of Munchkin's Fresh Food Feeder mesh bags in his Easter basket. You can put a strawberry or slice of peach in there and let your baby gnaw on it safely.

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