Once Upon a Time...(then what?)

At the risk of embarrassing myself...I'm going to put it all out there on the nursery rhymes/fairy tales front. I'll just admit I'm bad. I have a bad memory, I must have been a bad listener in pre-school or at storytime, and now I feel like a bad mommy.

It all started with this...it's a book a friend of mine brought back from France. Nice! She probably thought the 6 years of French I took in school would get me through this childhood fairy tale. Not so. My troubles started with the title...

Apparently this book isn't about "The little girl and her dog" as I started to tell my daughter. I hadn't even opened to the first page when my husband interrupted and said "I think it's Little Red Ridinghood." (I should note: he took German!) Oh, okay so my context clues led me a little astray. I figured at that time my daughter was only 6 months she didn't know the difference.

But the book came back to haunt me this week. Recently, it's been one of her favorite toys. The perfect size for her 9.5 month old hands. It's colorful, sturdy and has little cutouts for her fingers to explore. So earlier this week I thought I'd try to read it to her one more time. At least this time I knew the title. I prefaced by telling her, "This book is in French, Mommy only speaks English."

"Little Red Ridinghood," I began...I opened to the first page and without a clue as to what those words said, solely relying on the pictures and my poor memory I continued: "Once upon a time (I knew this part had to be right) Little Red Ridinghood went to visit her Grandma. She had a nice Grandma who made her some porridge."
            "WHAT?" my husband yelled from the other room, "That's The Three Bears."
Oh whatever, she's not even 10 months she doesn't know the difference. I turned to the next page and looking at the illustrations I continued, "When Little Red Ridinghood left her grandma's she had to be careful because she met the Big Bad Wolf."
          "That's The Three Little Pigs." I hear from the other room.
          "And they lived happily ever after." I knew I couldn't mess that part up.

And the moral of the story is...if you're like me and you can't remember a nursery rhyme or a fairytale to save your life there is hope! I've scoured the internet and found something to help us all. This way we can all get a head start for the next our children ask us to tell them a story...whether it's in French or English!

Classic Fairy Tales
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

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MICHELE said...

Hi! I just found your comment about becoming a follower on my blog. Obviously I am following your blog too! I think it has a bunch of great ideas!

Anyway I thought this post was funny b/c seriously the day you posted it I was trying to sing "Patty cake, Patty cake, Baker's Man" and just couldn't get the words right or even remember how it went. My husband was laughing at me from his office and told me how it went!!
SO Yes, I think we are living the same baby life!
Hope the teething is going ok?!

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