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Okay fellow new mamas fear not! There is help out there to answer all your questions about how and when to start introducing solids. I came across a great little booklet that was headed to my junk mail pile when I decided...oh I'll give it a quick look!  Let me tell you: I saved a gem!

Boy, am I glad I did! Gerber sent me the pamphlet explaining exactly how to introduce solids. Basically start with rice cereal as I explain in the original Introducing Solids post. Once your baby becomes an expert, add one fruit or vegetable at a time. (You can buy jarred baby food or make large batches of homemade fruits and vegetables and then freeze them in smaller portions) Now, here's the question which is better first: fruit or veggies? Here's the argument for both...if you start fruit first your baby may take to eating it easier because it has a sweeter taste like breastmilk. But if you start with veggies first you may have an easier time getting your little one to eat their veggies. If you start veggies after fruit it may be more difficult, because by then they'll be used to eating sweeter foods. Either way start one at a time for a few days. This will ensure your baby doesn't have an allergy or negative reaction to the food.

The booklet then suggests mixing two fruits or two veggies together to give your baby more variety.

Now here's the part I found most helpful...it has to do with how to continue to incorporate breastfeeding while feeding solids. Here's Gerber's suggested schedule:

Breakfast: Breastfeed or 4-5 oz bottle + 2 tablespoons of rice cereal

AM Snack: Breastmilk or bottle (if needed)

Lunch: Breastfeed or 4-5 oz bottle + 2 tablespoons of fruit, such as apples

Afternoon Snack: Breastmilk or bottle (if needed)

Dinner: Breastfeed or 4-5 oz bottle + 2 tablespoons of vegetable + 2 tablespoons of rice cereal

PM Snack (before bed) Breastmilk or bottle

***It's important to note that breastfeeding or formula are still the main sources of calories and nutrients.

And the best part about the entire booklet were these 11 little numbers..1.800.508.1717...on the other end (day or night) a baby feeding expert at your beckon call!

You can also find tons of useful at Gerber.com

If you still haven't stocked up on baby mealtime supplies here are a few of my favorites. All of them can be ordered directly through the link. (I only recommend baby items that I use myself.)

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