Gymboree: Get a Free Preview Class

I took my daughter to Gymboree Play and Music for the first time today and I think she's in love with Gybmo!

Gymbo is Gymboree's mascot. He's this little clown guy who acts as the class instructor's "baby." Gymboree has seven levels of classes depending on the age and development of the child. Since my daughter is 5.5 months we were in the birth to six month old class. But we were lucky, it was only me, my daughter and my neighbor and her little boy who is the same age! We sang little songs, had tummy time, encouraged reaching and had lots of giggles.

The reason I'm telling you all this is because as a SAHM I'm always looking for fun and different things to do with my daughter. Now, while you have to pay for classes at Gymboree you can get a FREE preview class. Just call the Gymboree nearest you and ask them if you can enroll in the one time preview class. It's 45 minutes and you'll not only get a sense of what the place is all about, but if you're child is even interested. You wouldn't want to sign up and pay $70 a month only to have your baby cry the whole time.

My daughter seemed to genuinely love it. (I loved it too! She was wiped afterwards and I had to wake her from a 3 hour nap! Can you say stimulation overload?) Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to sign her up for full time classes just yet. We're still getting adjusted to living on one income and are cutting out any unnecessary expenses. My goal, however, is to make enough money writing my ehow.com articles that I can sign her up for weekly Gymboree classes.

What I might do, though is buy the Gymboree book Baby Play (Gymboree). In the meantime, I encourage all of you to give Gymboree a try...and let me know how your babies like it! If nothing else, you can bring what you learned home and have some fun in your living room!

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