H-E-L-L-O, Mommy-time!

I'm having mommy-time right now. I'm sitting at Panera baby, husband, and dog-free. I think mommy-time is essential to keep your mom-sanity. It's especially important for stay-at-home moms whose weeks and weekends tend to blur into one with anything resembling a real break from fulltime baby-land.

I enjoy writing, it's the way I used to make my living...until I had my daughter, of course. Now I do some freelance writing online when I have time, which is usually less than an hour or so a day. So for my mommy-time today I highjacked the laptop, waved bye-bye, and said I'd be back later. I'm happy to report I've accomplished one of my goals...successfully writting an article (interruption free and in one sitting!!!) for my Examiner gig...and and now, after more than a week of being MIA I'm updating my blog. As you can tell, I'm pretty much just wasting time by writing a blog post about writing a blog post.

Yeah, so what, I'm trying to extend mommy-time until it's back to reality. Which I guess is about now.

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