If It's Not in the Diaper Bag, Forget It

This is my 100th post as New Mama and so I thought I'd share a special story, fit for all new mamas, with you! Now, don't laugh too hard because I'm warning you, this will be you one day. (While you're reading I want you to think about the fact that not too long ago I sold a lot of 11 purses on ebay...my description said something like "because I tote a diaper bag, instead of a purse 99% of the time.)

A few weeks back I was sitting with my girlfriend and her son (who's a week younger than my daughter) and I was noticing the enormity of my diaper bag. For God's sake I had my life in there....or at least the toy box, the changing table, my daughter's closet, the snack shelf of the pantry and my entire financial life aka "my wallet." Anyway, I looked at her said "Ya know, Christy, I'm so use to lugging around this diaper bag, that one of these days I'm going to go pay for something and not have my wallet." No sooner did the words come out of my mouth, did they come to fruition. And at the worst possible place.

Since we'd been on vacation, I hadn't been to the grocery store in nearly two weeks. So, as I do nearly every Friday, I ran around like a chicken with her head cut off after breakfast, but before the first nap, and tried to squeeze in my weekly shopping trip. There was no need to take the diaper bag...was I really going to plop my daughter down in the middle of the frozen food aisle to change a poop? So I grabbed a few toys, the sippy cup, and a binky (ya know, the essentials) and threw them in my purse. Olivia was very cooperative as I nearly filled the cart. When I went to the checkout lane I started loading up the conveyer belt. The receipt just kept getting longer and longer. Finally when the nice cashier was finished loading my groceries in my bags and into my cart she said something like $150. I weeded through the toys, the binky, the sippy cup, the keys, sunglasses, old receipts...I had the kitchensink but I didn't have my wallet. Through the mortified expression on my face
I told the young woman I did not have my wallet. She politely looked at me and said, "You can run out to your car and get it." Apparently she didn't understand. I knew right where it was...at home in my diaper bag. (I just look at this picture and imagine my little girl saying "Here it is mommy."

So we left the cart at the end of the aisle, I put Olivia back in the car, drove the 5 minutes home (did I mention she fell asleep in those 5 stinkin' minutes) I grabbed my wallet and drove back to the store. Oh, and then I waited in line with no groceries behind a woman who had nearly two carts full so I could pay for my pre-carted groceries...which must have looked a little odd to the man behind me. I just look at him, smiled, and said "I'm a new mom."

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