Ehow's Legit...Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So

By now you're probably thinking, "Enough about Ehow." But I just have to pass along proof behind my success and that of so many other stay-at-home moms. This month I published a whopping seven articles, and with three days still left until payout I'm already more than $20 over my next highest earning month. For the first time, I'll pass the $200 mark in a month. For about 4 hours worth of work, I'll make $200+ all while staying home with my daughter. Could there be anything better? Well, yes, I suppose I could be Maria aka Writergig who makes 5 to 7 my monthly earnings (and has obviously figured out the ehow secret)...but hey, I'm getting there!

And for anyone who still thinks eHow is a scam, not legit or whatever...Ehow got some major press this month. Both NBC and Time Magazine published articles on the success of eHow and its writers. Both articles point out what a great gig it is for moms who want to stay at home with their kids.

So...if you know something, anything about anything start writing for eHow. It's totally free to sign up and there's no referral program so I'm not making any money off referring you.

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Minivan Momma said...

Loving your blog AND your examiner site! Thanks for the ideas. I'm also a SAHM but unlike you, it has taken me eight years to figure out how to make money writing for the web. Thanks for the tips!

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