I'm a SAHM, I Just Know

"How do you know?"
It's a question that for me, I'm sure, will rank right up there with, "Why?"
If I had a quarter for every time my husband asked me "How do you know?" since our daughter was born, he wouldn't have to work either. Every time he gets the same answer...

"I just know." What I want to say is: "I'm with her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I'm her mother, I just know." But I shorten it. 

Today, those four words about put me over the edge. I have to give you a little back story so you can fully appreciate all of this.

My daughter's been teething. In the last three weeks, she's gotten three teeth. One is just about to poke through the gum, but it's not there yet.

Yesterday, she spiked a fever of 103. The doctor diagnosed her with a sinus infection and some sort of virus that causes blister-like bumps on her throat. I picked up the prescription for Amoxicilin last night and we tried to give her a dose. But she clamped her lips. This is so out of character for her. She'll eat anything...and she does! Same thing this morning...and while I was trying to get it in her mouth I spilled half the bottle all over my white shirt. It's a large bottle. Not a happy mommy. 

She takes two naps a day: 9 and 2pm. You can set a clock by her...although I'm constantly reminded she's not a robot.

Today she refused to go for her nap. At 12:30 she was still awake, but I decided it was time she had to rest. If this was the beginning of one nap days I'd be sad, but I'd accept it. My little girl is growing up. She fell asleep for 20 minutes and woke up screaming. She'd eaten, she'd pooped, she was exhausted.
Then I realized I hadn't given her any teething tabs today.  But the bottle wasn't in any of it's normal spots. Of course, this had to be the day they were missing. I searched everywhere: emptied the diaper bag and the toy box, looked through the dog's toys, in the bathroom, through the diaper genie, under the crib, the dresser and the sheets. They were no where. I called my husband to ask if he remembered seeing them. "No. How do you know it's her teeth."
"I just know."
"But how?"
Goodbye. I continued searching. I could not find them anywhere. By now it's 2:15 and still no nap for Miss Olivia. I finally decide to take matters into my own hands.  I run to the new CVS they've been building a mile from my house. It's closed. She's screaming in the back of the car. I run to the nearest Rite Aid. Nothing. She's screaming. I ask the man sitting in the van next to me if he knows where the nearest CVS is. He's from across town, but he knows someone who will know. She's screaming. They're not answering his call. I tell him thanks and I'll just go to Walmart where I know they sell Hyland's Teething Tablets. He tells me the construction is horrible, find a new way. I go the long way. She's screaming. I can't find a parking spot. I park in the back of the lot and carry her all the way to the back baby aisle. I get the teething tablets. I carry her back to the car. She's screaming. I give her three and nurse her. I put her back in her seat. She's screaming. We head home. She's quiet. She's asleep.

Like I said: I just know.

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