A Great Use for Expired Grocery Coupons

I'm calling all you coupon-clipping mama's to join my effort to help our troops and their families. It's super easy and if I can get you on board I'll do all the heavy lifting. "So what do I need to do?" you ask. Save your expired grocery coupons. That's it! Really!

Now, before you close this post and say, "I don't get the Sunday paper or clip coupons," WAIT!!! You can still help by getting a few
printable grocery coupons online.

To make a long story short - some U.S. military bases accept manufacturers' grocery coupons as long as six months after the expiration date. It's a true example of "one man's treasure is truly another man's treasure." So before you crumple up all those expired grocery coupons and throw them in the trash save them. I'll collect them all and we'll send them (as a group) to the base that we decide to adopt.

Are you getting excited?? Are you wanting to read more on exactly how this all works and how you can help military mama's and their families?? Here's the
full story.

To get our effort off the ground I need to get an idea of who's up for the challenge. If you're willing to save your old coupons
Email me. Then I'll set a date for when the coupons should be mailed to me and I'll get the ball rolling to send the coupons overseas.

Now, for those of you who are really feeling up for the grocery coupon challenge here are a few more ways you can help:

** Clip all manufacturer grocery coupons that you won't use 
(even if they're not expired)
** Find printable grocery coupons online and print off the best deals (remember you can print more than one!!)

Some Help To Get You Started

Printable Grocery Coupons
The Best Online Coupon Sites Online
Overseas Coupon Program

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