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I know I just posted about my June ehow earnings, but I have to share my excitement. July is off to an awesome start! Earnings for yesterday, July 1, just posted. I made $8.81 in one day. One article made $2.50 by itself. Many eHowers consider a great article to earn that much in month! If this keeps up I'll clear $200 for the first time. And for any doubters out there (I'm slowly converting my skeptical husband)...here's why I don't think it's a fluke day:I've averaged $9/day over the last three days...one day getting an $11 spike!!!

I'm going to try very hard to track my daily earnings. Ehow doesn't do this for you, so I'll have to do it manually (or at least with the help of Excel). We'll see if I can keep up with it while on vacation. Oh wait, I'm a SAHM I'm never really on vacation.

Happy 4th!

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