Potty training folo up: One month after potty training boot camp

It's been about a month since I enlisted my then 21 month old son into potty training boot camp.   As I shared in several pee-by-pee posts, I was shocked he picked it up as fast as he did.  The 3 day potty training boot camp definitely had him pee trained in less than a week.

We had some trouble with poop (perhaps it's his retaliation for me putting him in his sister's panties when I'm behind on laundry?), but I'm happy to report he's come around on that end too. 

Unlike a lot of kids he does NOT wait until I put the pull up on at nap/bed time to poop.  Instead, he just holds it until he can't hold it anymore and then he finally gives in.  Part of our success is that I've come to recognize exactly when he has to poop.  His MO has come to be running to the potty, but without any pee coming out.  He'll pop up off the dry potty only to repeat this about every 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute until finally he can't hold it any longer and he just poops...on the potty.  I've found that once he start he just keeps going....and going...and going.  It's like he's uncorked it.  The incentive of a Popsicle also helps!

This weekend we took an hour and a half drive to my in-laws beach house.  While I'm pretty confident in Blake's potty training skills, I was not about to have a wet seat half way into what can easily be a two hour drive with traffic.  I put a pull up on him as a safe guard.  (For those who've been following out PT journey, you'll remember this time around I skipped Pull Ups altogether after blaming them for extending my daughter's potty training by months.)  About fives minutes from our destination Blake started yelling for the potty.  We asked him to try to hold it...as soon as we arrived I put him on the potty.  When I say "as soon as" I mean like I put the potty in the front seat of the car, pulled him out of the carseat and plopped him on it before we even went into the house.  Not only did he pee, but I his pull up was dry.

He kept it dry on the return trip today, too!

Now, if only I could get my 4.5 year old to stop peeing 40+ times a day....

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