Cute hairstyles for little girls...not your ordinary ponytail

My little girl is always looking to change up her hairstyle.  While we often resort to a ponytail as we're running out the door, some days I'm up for doing something that's well, a little cuter than a ponytail.

Now that we have finally found a brush for tangled hair that cuts through the knots without tears, running, and screaming we are getting a little more adventurous in the hair department.

This morning she asked for two braids with a bow at the bottom of each.  At the same time I was trying to keep my pooping son on the potty so I wasn't left with a trail of poo, we were already running late for school (goodbye, spring break), and her hair wasn't even brushed yet.  I suggested one braid. She requested a side braid and so we compromised.

Control crazy hair w/ these cute hairstyles
The only problem is, she still has a lot of whispies and she has a side part.  That equals hair.in.the.face in a matter of about two minutes. ^^^^Case in point^^^^
I always start braids as high up on the head as I can to get those flyaways under control.  I figured I'd try to do the same with today's side french braid.  I think it came out really cute, what do you think?

My daughter wears a lot of braids so I've found a few ways to change it up just for a different look and whether she wants her hair up or down that day.
 For the below style start with the one above and then take the hair tie out.  Next, pull the hair into three sections and braid the bottom into a large braid. 

 Of course, she also rocks the two braids.  I call it the Pippi although they don't stick straight out. 
 One of my favorite little girl hairstyles is two ponytails.  I just think it's so adorable and it's functional because it does keep the hair out of their face.  (Hi, Grammy!)

Apparently, two ponytails are too plain for my daughter's taste, because she likes to further accessorize the look...usually with a headband. 

Speaking of headbands, I am not a fan.  This is why...
My daughter always ends up looking like a hot mess in a headband.  She never wants to pull the back of her hair out to cover the bottom of the headband.  

For some reason, however, I always end up styling her hair in a headband on special occasions like my sister's wedding and holidays.  Usually I curl her hair a little bit which gives it nicer look than what you see above. 

Another option for little girls wearing their hair down is to simply pull one side back with a clip or a bow. I always go for the side on the large side of the part.

My four year old is also a fan of the bun....especially the princess-inspired bun after our recent trip to Disney World. (Thinking of going? Check out my Disney series)

For this look gather the hair into a very high ponytail.  From there you can do one of two different things.  You can either fold the hair over into a rounded bun like the fairy god mother's did at Bippity Boppity Boutique and security it with pins or you can braid the high pony tail and then wrap it around itself to form a more traditional bun.  This is the one I usually do myself since it tends to be a little easier for me to manage - you can make it as tight or as "messy" as you like or as your little girl is comfortable with.

If, you're like us this morning, and lil bro is sitting on the potty as you're running out the door (five minutes late) and it's a ponytail kind of day you can always jazz it up a little like this.  
Just put in a low ponytail and then flip it over itself. I put the rubberband one twist looser than I would for a normal ponytail.  Then poke your thumb and pointer finger up from under the hair, just above the band, and grab the ponytail to flip it through and waa la! 

When all else fails, just put on a tiara and call it a day! 

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