Spring art for kids: Paint card flower

I was quickly walking practically running through Home Depot today in search of a drop cloth to make another DIY drop cloth bed skirt.  With both kids in tow, I finally realized it wasn't that the drop cloths had been moved, it was that I had gotten the original one at Lowe's.  But...my trip wasn't in vain because an hour or so later this was proudly hanging on the pantry door!

Is Behr paint screaming for crafty moms to sneak these things into their purse like a grandma with the leftover rolls at Olive Garden? I mean, why do they need to make them in this shape except for my 4 year old to make a perfect flower?

Add a green stem and some grass and you've got an adorable spring craft for kids! 

My daughter made this all by herself while I was getting dinner ready.  That's what I call a win-win-win.

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