Post-Baby Valentine's Day

If you're like me you can remember every second of labor but somehow you've forgotten an entire day! Yep, Valentine's Day has snuck up on me yet again. Don't worry you're not the only one who hasn't bought a card, made dinner plans or picked up a little something to say "I love you." I'm right there with you. Thankfully, my new mama friends, there's help on the way in the form of the last-minute Cupid.

Valentine's Day means more to some couples than to others. In our house we recognize the day more or less because it says to on the calendar. Even if we agree not to buy gifts for each other (usually because my birthday just passed), I always at least get a card. In year's past we've gone out to dinner or done something special. Even last year, when I was in the first trimester of pregnancy, and there were few foods that wouldn't cause me to curl over with nausea, we ordered pizza. This year maybe I'll get lucky and we'll make steak on the grill. (We grill year-round because we love it!)
Nothing says "I love you" more than an Omaha Steak.

If you're looking for something a little more lasting there are tons of
last-minute Valentine gifts you can get..even if it is less than 48 hours before Valentines Day. A gift certificate is always a welcome gift, if you have a beer lover in your life sign him up for beer of the month club or check out this site for lots more last minute Valentine gift ideas.

If you still need to make a reservation for dinner there's a great website called
OpenTable.com that searches open tables in most major American cities. All you do is select the part of the city or suburbs, pick the type of cuisine you're looking for, and select the date and time. The website takes all the work out of making a reservation...especially on a popular dining out night like Valentine's Day.

And if you're husband or boyfriend doesn't really appreciate cards, don't waste your money on something that will be trashed within minutes of being opened. Instead send a funny and free
e-valentine. JibJab is also a great site that let's you personalize pre-made dances by letting you upload a picture of your face. You have to check out their Valentine Strip tease..it's worth the look even if you don't send it yourself.

So there you have it, you haven't forgotten Valentine's Day afterall...you were just a little late on the planning. But who will ever know? No one but you!

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