"How Do You Do It?"

...Those were the words of my husband, tonight, as the weekend drew to a close.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
He simply looked at me and said "Hurricane Livvy!" Oh, he meant our daughter and the cranky mood she'd been in for the last four hours.
Welcome to my life as a SAHM!

Then he muttered..."I don't know how single parents do it."
"Or twins," I chimed in..."Uhh!" was his only reaction as he lay collapsed on the bead with his head in his hands!
I laughed out loud at his utter exhaustion and how our not-yet six month old could bring him so much joy and yet such a headache!

Yep, she had a few cranky hours, but as I continually try to remind him...she's a baby and that's the only way she knows how to communicate. I spend everyday trying to figure out what's wrong, not just the weekends. And so the life of a Stay at Home Mom..which no one can fully appreciate until you do it day in and day out. While I don't necessarily disagree that moms find it easier to deal with the crankypants, I just think it comes a little more naturally. I try to rule out as many different things that I can...diaper's not wet, belly's full, room's just the right temperature, socks aren't too tight, gas drops are working...and then I always come to the same conclusion: she's overtired!

And so are we! Goodnight to that!

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