No snow for me...no, really, no snow

I've been waiting for it to snow.  Not because I love the snow but because I wanted to see how Olivia would react. Plus, I got the deal of the century on snow equipment for Liv. My mother in law found a baby sled at a yard sale. As she debated on whether or not to get it, the man selling it told her to take it...for free! Then, the lady who watches my dog while when we're away gave me a bag full of snow gear that her daughter NEVER wore. She was born the same day as Olivia, just three years earlier! So she has a pair of brand new boots and snow pants. I did buy her a puffer, eskimo-looking coat at Old Navy, but heck...I got the $40 coat for $10! Can't beat that. Oh and the gloves were $1.

A week or so before Christmas we got dumped on with what was, no kidding, two feet of snow. I figured my 16 month old is 31 inches so she should be fine, right?  From our window I kept showing her the snow. She'd repeat 'nooo.'

While my husband was clearing the driveway (for the third time in one day) I got Olivia dressed to go out. The entire time she was saying "nooo." At first I was excited she was saying, in her own little way, 'snow.' But as I piled on the layers, the coat, the hat, the mittens, the leggings, the snow suit, the boots, and the scarf I finally admitted I was in denial. She wasn't saying 'snow' now saying 'NO!' But I didn't just dress her like this and work up a sweat for my own health, I was determined she was going to experience snow. I quickly got myself bundled up and we headed outside. She was okay for a minute or so....then it all went down hill (and I don't mean on the sled).

She actually decides it's not too bad.

She quickly realizes she misjudged...it is that bad.

Still no good...

Even worse...the sled ride ended with Olivia face down.

About 5 minutes after we walked out the door, we were back inside still saying "NOOOO." Determined, I was, I got her dressed one more time the following day, hoping that since the snow had stopped falling she might like it better. Here's Olivia (posing as Rudolph) with her BFF Conor!

Oh well, maybe next year!

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Katrina said...

They are precious!

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