2009 Christmas photos (all for .50 at Snapfish, coupon codes included)

I just looked in my inbox and I have three emails from family members with links to Christmas pictures. Every last one of them is adorable. I just love holiday pictures. The whole family is together. The house is decorated so nice. Everyone is wearing their Sunday best. And, if you're lucky, everyone is smiling because they're genuinely happy to be standing in front of the same Christmas tree! Here's a quick sampling from our 2009 Christmas Season.

First thing I did when I got those email links, some to Snapfish, some to Shutterfly, another to Facebook was to look for a picture for our annual Christmas frame. My husband's grandmother started a tradition for us a few years back.  The first few years she purchased a Christmas-themed frame for us to display a picture taken that holiday season. Every year, I put all the pictures up and enjoy looking at how much things have changed year to year. Last year was the first time Miss Olivia joined us. This year, it's amazing how big she's gotten.

While looking for the perfect family portrait, I kept coming across pictures I wanted to have. Not just on my computer, but something that I could hold and look at. You know, like when your mom used to put rolls worth of pictures in albums. Now, digital photo albums or even just computer file folders hold so many of our memories. Anyway, I decided to print a few of my favorites. Actually, I decided to print 50 thanks to Snapfish's awesome holiday deal. If you still have holidays pictures waiting to be printed, Snapfish just extended their Penny Prints sale so you can still get 50 pictures for 50 cents! I think I paid a total of $2.99 including shipping for all of my holiday photos!  
Log into Snapfish or sign up for a free account through this link then use code NEWYEARS50 at checkout. Sale ends January 31!

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