Baby Nursery Space Savers

When we moved into our three bedroom townhouse I had it all planned out: The master bedroom was obvious, the larger of the two spare bedrooms would be the guest room (the paint already matched the comforter) and the remaining room would one day be the baby nursery. Why, oh why, didn't I pick the larger of the two rooms to be the nursery? Oh, probably because I had NO idea how much baby stuff we'd soon have. But I've since found some pretty creative ways to maximize the limited square footage in my daughter's itty-bitty room.

Not only is my daughter's nursery little...I bought a lot of baby furniture for it. She has the crib, which will one day convert to a toddler bed and then a full size bed (clearly not in this room, it would take up the entire room); we have the dresser/changing table; then we have the tall dresser, and the glider. The ottoman would take up any remaining walking room, so we had to do without.

For one thing, the tall dresser is used for nothing except clothes that don't fit. By this I mean clothes that are too small, as well as clothes she has yet to grow into. The dresser/changing table is used for socks (56 pairs, I swear), pants, onesies, pjs, headbands (yes, I have a whole drawer's worth), bibs, and bathing suits (again, yes, I have enough for a small drawer already). The teeny-tiny closet, that's hidden behind the door is stocked full of more clothes. These are mostly clothes she's currently wearing and things she'll soon be growing into. Many of them still have tags on them...it's all part of my master plan to go an entire year without buying any baby clothes. I don't think that closet knew what was coming when Olivia moved in! She had a closet full of (new) clothes before she was bigger than a grain of rice. I also keep baby clothes that no longer fit in vacuum sealed bags and stuff them either under the crib or in the guest room dresser. Sorry, guests! (You should see the closet in that room!)

But it's not just clothes that take up space in the nursery, it's the baby shoes, the diapers, the wipes, the stuffed animals, the knickknacks, the pictures, the books, the medicine, you name it, we've got it!

All I can say is thank goodness for closet organizers and floor lamps that double as shelving units (see below). They've come to my rescue and I know they'll come to yours because no matter how much storage space you have, you never have enough!

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