The Rainy Day Blues

Uh, I knew there was a reason I loved spring and summer more this year than ever before. The funny thing is I didn't realize it until just now.
I'm sitting here in my sweats, the rain's coming down, and I have my heat on. Oh, yeah and I've broken out the footie pj's for my daughter. You can see how bad it is for her: she's got her winter hat on, reading a picture-free book, and trying to figure this whole toddler thing out, too! Let's just say we have the rainy day blues.

In other words: we're bored out of our minds. Well, I can't speak for her, but I think that's what she's trying to tell me as she bangs on the sliding glass door and whines "ma-ma, ma-ma" over and over again. "Yeah, I know honey, I want to go out there too, but it's raining." She doesn't get it, she just looks at me and says "ba!"
Normally, I'd have a few tricks up my sleeve for a good ol' rainy day: the library, the indoor playground at the mall, the grocery store...knock out a chore at the same time, but the poor thing is sick too. I don't want to risk getting some other poor mom's child sick by selfishly taking her out of the house, just so I can get out of this boredom rut. So we're basically on home confinement for the next few days.
I mean how many times can I try to entice the girl to play with her babies, her bears, her balls? How many forts can you build with a 14 month old? How many Baby Einsteins can she watch (I normally have a limit of 1 per day)? How many times can she chase the dog around the coffee table? How many decks of cards can she play 52 pick up with?
So...it's official, we've got the rainy day blues.
I think I have it worse!
Please share your ideas with me for how I can entertain a runny-nosed 14 month old all day when it's rainy and cold outside!

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