Olivia's first make-over

Much to the dismay of both my daughter's grandmothers, I took her to get her hair trimmed last week. You can hardly notice a difference except that the strand that was 3 inches longer than the rest (see it there in the picture below??) has now been clipped and the neck line is now semi-straight. Her "bangs" are no longer covering her eye brows.
I thought taking her to get her hair cut was going to be a nightmare.  Moms of little boys I know say they dread it. But Olivia was a perfect little angel, in facts she was the star of the salon for the hour we were there. She just sat on my lap, soaked up all the attention, and got her hair trimmed like a little princess. When we went to leave all the girls said "Bye Olivia." Giving up her usually "Bye-Bye" in her best and sweetest little voice she responded, "Byyyyye!"

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