Step Away From the Wipes

CRASH! That's all I heard over the monitor when my daughter was supposed to be sleeping. Well, that's what I heard when the 10 minutes of babbling, giggling, and what I realized later was pure one-year-old-joy, suddenly stopped. What I realized later was that crash was the exclamation mark at the end of the "Now, look who's laughing Mommy!"

I ran up the steps followed by two or three others only to find my daughter reaching desperately over the side of her pack 'n play for the plastic wipe container now sitting squarely on the floor. We were staying at my in-law's beach house and like I always do I set the pack 'n play up right next to the bed. Apparently it was a little too close as she was able to somehow reach the wipes container. I threw the container (feeling lighter than normal) on the far side of the bed and then went to lay my sweet girl back down. Only then did I realize she'd ripped every last wipe out of the container and they now created a nice top sheet, if you will. The fitted sheet was soaked with wipe juice. I looked at her "Olivia Marie!" I said through the worst serious face I could muster. She looked up at me and just smiled. Afterall...she knows the rule for the wipe container: only one. I guess she got the last laugh that time. I went back down stairs laughing to myself and thinking about how much enjoyment she must have gotten out of pulling every last wipe out.

First it was the diapers, this time it was the wipes. I hope it's not the diapers' contents next!

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