Move Over, Honey...There's a New Breadwinner

Write for Examiner and Be Known
Well, not exactly...at least not yet. But yes, I'm taking on even more freelance writing work (but hopefully not more than I can chew). After a few months as the Baltimore SAHMs Examiner for Examiner.com I've learned a few inside secrets. Armed with that knowledge I applied for a new spot...National Celebrity Kids Examiner.

Well, I'm three hours in and let me tell you my little plan is working out very nicely. I wanted to tell you all first, but my husband came home early today so I spilled the beans to him first (sorry, ladies!). But here it is...becoming a National Examiner is the way to go. At least that's my experience in my first few hours on the job. Why? you ask. Well for one, there's clearly a bigger audience. Second, my topic lends itself nicely to topical (or timely, if you will) events and headlines, and thirdly what I'm writing about appears to be highly searched. What's nice about that is since Examiner pays by the page view, I'm getting lots and lots of hits and my paycheck is going up, up, up. I've always thought Examiner.com was a great gig for SAHMs who want to earn extra money or just keep their hand in freelance writing, but it's actually turning into a very lucrative freelance writing gig. Who knows "Breadwinner" may be in my near future!

Interested in becoming an Examiner so you can make money writing what you know? Sign up!

Write for Examiner and Be Known

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MsFit said...

you have such a nice blog.
Super cute pics by the way :)
Keep in touch,
I'll be checking in your blog often.
take care.

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Happy Green Yogi said...

I also write for Examiner.com and was wondering where you found that widget for Examiner on your blog. That would be great on my blog as well.

Melissa said...

Happy Green Yogi!
Thanks for reading and commenting! I actually started a Facebook group page and a "business" page. I upload my links to the FB pages and FB offers the widget for blogger blogs. What do you write on Examiner?

Melissa said...

Here's the link to get the FB widget...


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