Wish Me Luck on the Binky Front

I think it's going to be a long few days. We've decided that now that my daughter is one we will do away with the binkie. It's nice to know she's putting up 100x more of a fight weaning from it, than she did breastfeeding. Makes me feel great.

Anyway, I thought it would be easier than this. After all, for the last few months she's only used the binkie when she sleeps. A few times she's even gone to sleep without it....thanks to a tantrum that left two or three on the floor beside her crib.

I started my bye bye binkie plight yesterday, but I have to admit I wimped out and after 20 minutes of crying and tears I reluctantly gave it to her. She was asleep within the minute. Today...I'm holding strong. At least so far...I'm only 30 minutes in. My motivation now is knowing how hard it will be if I tried to take it away when she was, say, two. Just imagine how attached she'd be to it then. The thing about taking the binkie away is there's not really any middle ground: she either has it or she doesn't. At least with breastfeeding weaning I could replace nursing with a sippy cup of milk. What can I replace the binkie with?

Anyone with any insight, please share your thoughts. And please...the answer isn't just let her use it until she's four. I've decided now is the time, I'm just looking for advice on making the transition a little easier.


Angela said...

Maybe replace the binky with a lovey? Either way, good luck. Binkie addiction is a tough one to break.

MICHELE said...

good luck on that. This is one thing I won't have to deal w/ as she NEVER liked the paci. Of course there is one in her crib that she uses as a "toy" she doesn't even know what to do with it she just sticks all sides of it in her mouth, like the other toys. Sort of funny! So exciting that she is walking!! FUN FUN!!! Sorry I have no advice, but I would go w/ the lovie thing too! (actually that is what soothes her to sleep!)

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