Update on the Binkie Plight...or Should I say Fight?

There's no sugar coating it, I'm a mom wimp. I can't help it, I had to give it back. And I'll tell you why...

My poor baby girl cried her little heart out, big crocodile tears, for far too long. She was exhausted and only wanted her binkie. I gave her a few "lovies" that we've been developing as "lovies" for a few weeks now (started that when I started breastfeeding weaning). But nothing was as good as the binkie. How do I know she only wanted the binkie? As soon as I gave it back she went right to sleep.

So why did I give in? Why did I have a change of heart when I was so dead set on no binkie after 1 year? Here's my reasoning:

-She only uses it when she's sleeping.
-She used to have three and now only gets one in the crib.
-She's too young to reason with.
-There's little to no risk of the binkie impacting her teeth or jaw at this age.

I've decided that once I can "reason" or at least explain why we're giving up the binkie I'll try again. A few of my mommy friends have found success in "giving the binkies to the babies." In other words when their little ones were around 18 or 24 months, together, they gave the binkies away saying the babies needed them. Some handed them over to the pediatrician to "give" to the newborns, others floated them up to the babies in heaven on balloons. However they did it, I think their method is better than mine.

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MICHELE said...

omg! Look at that face! I don't blame you, you can't resist that sweet sad face!!!
Hey, I have done my fair share of "give 'em what they want/works!!" OUR insanity depends on it! Keep developing the attachment to a lovey and in a way she may "wean" herself.
Mine is starting to be a little thumb sucker, which may prove to be WAY HARDER to break, since "cutting off thumbs" is generally frowned upon! ha! Good luck!
Oh and did I say Happy 1st birthday yet?! If not Happy Birthday Olivia!

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