Potty Training at 10.5 Months

No, seriously, my not-quite 11 month old daughter pooped in the toilet. Well, it was more like she pooped over the toilet. Just fell right in...plop.

I had gotten her down to her birthday suit so she was all ready to get a bath. Why I did this, I don't know, I've been peed on in the past. Anyway, she was standing outside the tub without a diaper on while I filled it with water. Next thing I know I hear her doing her not-so-subtle poop grunt. It's classic and she's not afraid to let anyone know what's she's doing. She even has this great focus face that turns beet red to go along with the mess she leaves in her pants. Anyway, I hear two good grunts and I'm thinking, "Oh crap (pun intended) what do I do?" All I could think of was to grab her and hold her over the toilet the way my grandfather used to hold me over the edge of the boat when I had to go pee on a fishing excursion. I didn't really expect anything but then plop I got a surprise. I was so proud...even called Mom-Mom up from downstairs to come see. She was so proud too!

This morning my 10.5 month old went in her diaper so I guess she's not fully potty trained yet. We'll give it another month or two.

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