Diaper Rash

If you've ever opened up your baby's diaper, to find her bum looking a little raw, it can be a scary sight. Diaper rash comes in several different varieties...but the most common is a bright red bum. Thankfully, it's rather easy to cure and even easier to prevent diaper rash.

If your little guy already has a case of diaper rash, lather a generous amount of ointment on there every time you change a diaper. Make sure you change wet and soiled diapers quickly so your baby isn't left sitting in it. A messy diaper can irritate a baby's sensitive skin causing it to break out in a rash. But messy diapers aren't the only things that cause diaper rash. Your baby's diaper could be rubbing causing chaffing. The wipes you're using could be irritating his sensitive bottom. Introducing new foods can even cause an outbreak of diaper rash.

Make sure you towel dry the area very well after you bathe your baby. Letting him air dry for a few minutes will also help clear up the diaper rash.

If you can't seem to get rid of the diaper rash after 24-48 hours or if your baby develops a fever, has open sores, blisters or pus or discharge call your baby's doctor. The doctor may advise you to simply change diapers brands or use larger diapers at night so any mess isn't so close to your baby's skin. Or your baby may need to be put on medication for a few days until the infection clears up. Either way, diaper rash isn't something to ignore. Left untreated it can develop into something a lot more serious.

If you're lucky enough that your baby's bottom is still sitting pretty...it's important to keep it that way. Here are some easy ways to prevent diaper rash.

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