My Toothless Wonder Is Better Than Yours

Sounds bratty, huh? Admit it though...our babies bring out the 5th grader in all of us. Moms are always sizing each other, and our babies, up? I'm as guilty as the next mother (not that I'm comparing, or anything). I think it hit me yesterday when I took my daughter to the neighborhood park for a quick swing on the swings. I stopped in my tracks when I saw a mom there, trucking through the mulch, in heels! Seriously, who are you trying to impress? That's when I checked out her daughter...

She looked a little older than my daughter...more hair, not quite as cute (hey, we're all bias), wasn't walking yet, still being carried around in the car seat (I give her mom credit for that! I wimped out on that thing a few months ago...although I did love what it was doing for my biceps). One thing I couldn't tell is if this little girl had any teeth. Probably did though, it seems every baby, but mine, has teeth. I'm a little sensitive about the whole teeth issue. I think it started when a little guy at the library, two months younger than Olivia, already had two...at barely five months no less. Even, my girlfriend emailed me, while on vacation in Florida, to tell me that her son (who's a week younger than my daughter) is now getting his top two to total four.

I started telling my husband this and he just looked at me and asked, "Does her baby crawl? Does her baby have hair? Does her baby say "mama?" Okay, I guess he has a point. All babies develop at their own pace. I think I knew all along but I finally realized, in the end, all babies will reach the same developmental finish line.

Afterall, aren't all 90 year old women pretty much the same...plus or minus a few teeth?

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