Nap Time

I know I'm not the only one out there struggling with nap time. The thing about naps are they're when I get my mommy stuff done. But I'm finding I'm getting less and less done because my daughter is napping less.

Maybe the reason I get so concerned about nap time is because my daughter would sleep for hours on end just a few months ago. I'd always have to wake her up to eat. Now I can't get her (she's 5 months now) to sleep more than 30 or 40 minutes at a time. I'm guessing she wakes up after that first sleep cycle and doesn't want to or can't (I don't know which) go back to sleep. (At least I've figured out how to get her to sleep! and how to sleep through the night!) Rarely will she sleep longer than 45 minutes during a nap. I guess I shouldn't complain. When she's awake she's not cranky and she can usually go another 2 hours before another nap. Plus, she's now sleeping 11 or 12 hours at night so she's probably doesn't need as much sleep during the day.
Oh well, I guess my "mommy time" will just have to fit into that 30 minute nap time.

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The books I found the most useful as far as teaching my daughter to sleep are:

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